MyPRGuide UK

MyPRGuide UK is an affordable, practical alternative to paying a consultant to spread the word about your business. It’s an easy to follow guide AND online forum where you can access free expert advice and support to help you implement tried and tested techniques used every day by professionals.

An affordable, practical alternative to paying a PR consultant to spread the word about your business

MyPRGuide UK has been written by professionals with over 40 years of experience: me (Helen Kitchen), Helen Dillon-Pearson and Vicky Austin. Helen and I met back in 1999 when we worked for a marketing agency in Doncaster. Now, we collaborate on a number of projects and a couple of years ago she introduced me to copywriter Vicky, who helps out with a number of clients.

Between us, we’ve helped hundreds of UK based organisations such as Pegler Yorkshire, Robin Hood Doncaster Sheffield Airport and Miller Homes get noticed. We have devised MyPRGuide UK to give entrepreneurs and small business owners the communications know-how and tools to promote their business, manage their brand and reputation, and drive their business forward.

What’s in it?

MyPRGuide UK will show you how to:

  • Effectively promote your brand, your company and your products/services
  • Use social media to connect with customers and make it easier for them to find your business online
  • Identify the stories about your business which the media and your customers want to hear

How will you benefit?

Whether you realise it or not, you are already “doing PR” if you try to make sure people think highly of you and/or your organisation, its products and services. MyPRGuide UK is designed to give you a helping hand to implement professional PR activities which will enhance your reputation without eating into your hard-earned profits.

You will benefit from our advice, information, and links to helpful resources online so you can create your own PR plan of action.

Subscribers to the workbook also have access to our Facebook & Linkedin groups where MyPRGuide UK consultants are on-hand to offer FREE advice and tips about specific problems – so you get access to PR and Social Media pros without having to make any additional investment!

Interested? Then find out more by contacting me here or Helen Dillon-Pearson here.