by helen on August 17, 2012

In his column in PR Week (17 August 2012) Ian Monk wrote:

“As PR professionals we advise our clients to go on Twitter for a variety of reasons. The medium can maximise commercial values when an individual brings to the negotiating table of a potential sponsor or partner a following of, say, half a million.

“It can contribute to the building of reputation through the promotion of positive profile and the fast and directly attributable rebuttal of negativity.

“But it does come with the price of exposing your brand to adverse and illiterate comments. That’s democracy.”

In our rush to persuade clients to embrace social media platforms, we need to make sure we highlight the bad as well as the good. The internet has many examples of tweets that have caused crises for individuals and companies, as well as stories about companies doubling sales, or improving customer service through their Twitter activities.

I use conversation calendars to plan social media activities. Schedules which integrate with offline marketing activities, and which provide a structure and backbone which many clients find reassuring.

Every month we focus on different areas of business and respond to what online communities are talking about – in a planned and considered way. No knee jerk reactions, or getting side tracked into conversations which won’t add any value to social media activities.

It’s a formula that’s working for us all.

How do you make sure your social media activities are viewed positively?

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