by helen on February 1, 2012

People and businesses do a lot of talking. They have a lot of conversations.

Where and what type of conversations they already have should make it easy for them to answer the question about which channels are working for them, and then decide whether or not communicating via social media will benefit their organisation.

Successful organisations share interesting, informative and entertaining content with people – via websites, newsletters, presentations, the telephone, emails, meetings, conferences, exhibitions, advertisements, the media.

Really successful organisations listen to the responses generated by their conversations.

Do you know the answers to these questions?

  • Do people click through from your business e-news to your website?
  • Are people impressed with your presentations and meeting discussions?
  • When you put in a call to a client or potential client, do they listen to what you have to say and keep talking to you?
  • Do your advertisements generate enquiries and sales?
  • When your team turn up to networking events, do they move through the room easily – or do people do their best to avoid chatting with them?
  • When your company appears in the media, what sort of response do you get? From clients, competitors – people trying to sell you something?
  • When you throw a party – how many invitations do you send out, and how many people turn up?

If you’re not already having conversations like these and engaging with the people you meet in the course of doing business, what makes you think social media is going to bring you more customers?

I think that’s a fair question, don’t you?

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