by helen on July 23, 2011

Ready, steady…

So are you ready for the final week? If you’ve been completing my “tasks” as we go along you should be chomping at the bit and ready to spread the good news about how you can change people’s lives (and improve your reputation ;)). No?

OK then. Here’s your last chance to catch up. To recap, by now you should have the following:

  • A plan and goal – make it a specific one to improving your reputation
  • Completed Twitter and Linkedin profiles – have you uploaded a photo yet
  • A growing number of connections and followers (well, that should be building nicely by now…)
  • A list of prospects – not too many
  • A list of forthcoming events – registered for any next week? I’m off to Doncaster on Monday night for the Yorkshire Mafia drinks evening at Manana Manana. Anyone else going? See you there
  • A database of media contacts and an idea about the stories they are interested in  – NO! Don’t put those papers and magazines into the recycling bin if you haven’t finished reading them yet!
  • A good understanding of the sort of information the people that matter to you want
  • A list of keywords to use on your website, in your blog, in your tweets, in your marketing material
  • A list of proven PR ideas to implement for your company

Use this as a checklist to help you get ready for next week. It’s the practical sessions – so I’ll be asking you to pick up the phone, get out of the office and share your experience.

Are you ready?

See you bright and early on Monday!

As always, if there’s anything you’re not sure about, or need help with, post a request for help in the comments below – or if you prefer to keep the conversation private, please email me Helen@helenkitchen-pr.co.uk.

Photo courtesy Shaun Flannery Photography

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