by helen on July 13, 2011

Learn from the masters!

Identify the organisations that are successful in your sector – watch how they manage their reputation, and get some ideas

Keeping tabs on your competition is useful for many different reasons. Perhaps most importantly, it helps you keep in touch with your market.

Do you know who your competitors are? Are you already checking them out “offline”? Do you know when they are running discounts and special offers, when they are using a marketing campaign to promote a new product or service?

If you aren’t already, I would suggest you start using the internet to track them – and your industry in general.

Google Alerts is a great way to find out what the movers and shakers in your industry sector are up to. Here’s a useful video about setting up Google Alerts. Watch it and then set up some alerts to track other brands, people and products in your market.

I was also asked in a social media training session about whether it’s a good idea to follow, like and link with competitors on Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook. Here’s my answer.

So, if you think it would be helpful don’t forget to track down and follow the key brands and personalities using your Twitter and Linkedin profiles.

That’s all for today!

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