by helen on July 6, 2011

Now you’ve got their attention, show them how you can help

Make the most of Linkedin & Twitter

Networking is often cited as the most successful way to find prospects. Now, thanks to Linkedin and Twitter you don’t need to get up early to go to breakfast events or miss out on spending time with the children in the evening because you’re at yet another after works drinks do.

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Well, when I say you don’t need to go – you do need to go to some of them. But you can now get in front of clients and prospects online AND show them how good you are at what you do.

With your Linkedin and Twitter profiles now making the right first impression, you can confidently start encouraging people to engage with you by making them think they will benefit from a connection.


Prospect for business connections using Twitter and Linkedin from Social Media Examiner has some great tips on transferring online contacts to the real world – and it’s really not difficult!

In a nutshell, on Linkedin you need to find a handful of groups where you know your prospects are participating in or watching discussions. Join in (and I don’t just mean join – you actually have to contribute) and where possible, be helpful. By taking part you will immediately make people aware of you – and if you provide useful contributions your reputation will also improve.

Search groups relating to your industry, your location and check out which groups your clients and prospects are members of as this will be a useful indication of where you will meet like-minded contacts.

Similarly, on Twitter find people who are connected with your industry and follow them. Retweet things you find useful, and you think your network will feel the same about. Join in conversations and share your experiences and opinions (carefully!).

If you find the whole Twitter experience daunting, and are more comfortable with your Linkedin network of contacts there are ways to confine your social networking to this pool. However many Linkedin connections you have, you can get to know them better by seeing what they are tweeting about (if anything) and facilitating connections between your own contacts – just as you would offline.

Get started by following the suggestions in this article, How to use Linkedin with Twitter for better networking – again from Social Media Examiner. I promise, you’ll be amazed by how easy it is.

See you tomorrow for some important advice about connecting your offline and online presence.


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