by helen on July 18, 2011

Make sure you’re talking their language

Yesterday was about using the internet to find out what people are talking about in relation to your business, products, services and industry in general.

Now you have identified the keywords and phrases that you think your customers are using, you need to make sure that if they come across your business – on the high street, in a magazine, on Facebook, on Twitter, in a Linkedin group, on a leaflet or poster, on a business card, in a casual conversation etc – that you are using the language they want to hear.

It’s no good saying you’re a business coach if everyone is looking for a business consultant, or mentoring, or business training. Use the Google Keyword tool to come up with new ways of describing what you do rather than what you are (as Steve Kitchman said in his post on Day 10).

Then when you have a list of keywords and phrases, you need to start using them. Not just online – in your offline marketing materials and activities too. These are the buzzwords that will help get you noticed by the people you want to notice you!

When it comes to using them online… the best advice I can give is that you need to create a regular flow of interesting content using your keywords and phrases. Then, when people search for the thing they want and they are directed to your website, they will get something of value.

Now, here comes the clever bit – Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Or in simple terms, how to make sure your website is the one that people notice first in the search results.

I understand why SEO is important, but I don’t get how it works. However, I know a man who does.

Chris Weatherhead runs an online marketing business specialising in SEO and social media marketing. He is a mine of information – and great fun to work with! He has some really informative and easy to read posts about getting started with SEO on his blog, and he wrote Making sure your website is fully optimised: a DIY guide to onsite SEO for the June/July issue of new magazine Brand Yorkshire.  

I can’t recommend these to you enough. Go and have a read, you will feel as though the SEO fog has been lifted. I promise, it did for me!

Once you’ve finished reading, how about you spend some time doing what Chris recommends – and make sure your website is fully optimised before your competitors optimise theirs!

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