by helen on March 18, 2011

Concluding my countdown of the top 10 questions about social media…

How do I integrate my social media activities?

Social media is just one of the communications tools in the marketing tool box. For you to maximise marketing ROI you need to make sure that all the tools are working well together.

Printed literature (brochures, newsletters, business cards etc) need to include your social media contact information. Your website needs to have links to all your social media profiles, and similarly, your social media profiles need to be linked to each other. Make it easy for people to find and connect with you on their preferred platform. Some people prefer email updates, other will subscribe to RSS feeds, and many will be viewing your updates and content via mobile devices.

Here’s a great guide to using social share buttons on the Internet – these help people who visit your profiles share the information they like with their network of followers. Integration is the key to success.

How do I evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of each platform?

It’s time to get personal. The only way to find out if something will work for you is to try it. A good way to start is to see if there are other organisations similar to yours that are already using social media successfully. If they are, chances are you will too – if the people that matter are there, you should be able to engage them. The pros and cons will be different for everyone. Twitter may be time consuming, but ultimately will put you in front of lots of potential customers. Now is that an advantage or a disadvantage? I also refer you back to the CMO 2011 Guide to the Social Landscape – an interesting and helpful evaluation of the most popular platforms.

So that’s my take on the Top 10 Questions on social media. Do you agree or would you answer differently?

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