by helen on January 20, 2011

You need to think carefully about your objective for engaging via Twitter. The key to using this communication tool successfully is the quality of the people who follow you, rather than the quantity.

People use Twitter to find followers they can share interests with and/or learn from. It’s a door opener as well as a chatroom.

Your aim should be to build a community of people who you can engage with on a regular basis. Your bio is the best way to attract followers. You need to use it to provide an insight into the type of person you are, and the sort of information you plan to share.

If your followers learn something from you, or wish to share something with you, they are more likely to engage with you ie reply or retweet your information to their community. This means your influence and awareness about you will grow.

Tips for writing a Twitter bio

Your 160-character bio should:

  • Contain something about your interests. Try to answer the question “Why am I on Twitter?”
  • Prioritise what defines you. Even if being a keen runner is important to you, by sharing this will you attract the right kind of followers?
  • Include keywords that people would search for to find you.

Most importantly, you MUST use a photo on your profile – social media is PERSONAL. If you plan to Tweet on behalf of an organisation you should use a team photo.


Here are some examples of Twitter bios, both organisations and individuals, which I have critiqued in an attempt to help you focus on what will work best for you or your company. 

The CBI helps create and sustain the conditions in which businesses in the United Kingdom can compete and prosper for the benefit of all

My view:
Good description of the CBI BUT I don’t know what sort of information I am likely to be sharing, and the use of United Kingdom seems a bit old-fashioned and very wasteful bearing in mind the character limit. Looks like somebody has clicked “copy & paste” without giving much thought to the platform.

Llias Busnesau Cymru/The Voice of Welsh Business

My view:
Short and sweet – missed opportunity to add info about who does the tweeting?

The CBI’s education & skills team works to support an education system that helps ensure the UK’s competitiveness

My view:
Again, copy & paste with no consideration for Twitter.

The UK’s largest membership organisation for business leaders

My view:
Says what it is, but not what it does on Twitter or why it’s here.

Welcome to the Yorkshire IoD Twitter – please follow for news, events and more

My view:
Friendly, says what it is, what it does, and hints at why it’s here.

An active membership of 1,200 directors of small businesses to the very largest City Institutions

My view:
Says what it is, and that’s it.

a membership based community of Chairmen, CEOs, Non-Executives and Board Directors in various industry sectors who meet at regular events

My view:
I don’t think the bio adds anything to what can be surmised from the Twitter handle by anyone with an ounce of intelligence. Waste of space.

Sarah in the press office at the British Retail Consortium, tweeting about BRC activity and general retail issues. And maybe sometimes about cake.

My view:
Bit of personality & humour, I know exactly what sort of info I will be reading, and it’s personal. But will it put off people who think Sarah isn’t a business heavy-weight?

Founder & MD of @SixtyInternet. Tweeting about all things digital – with a bit of current affairs, (other people’s) comedy & sport thrown in every now & again

My view:
I know what level of business this person has achieved, and I can find out the industry sector, and there’s a hint of personality too. I like. :-)

Sheffield Chamber of Commerce and Industry is an award winning business support organisation, representing over 2,300 members across the Sheffield City Region

My view:
Informative, but dull.

The British Chamber of Commerce – is the Ultimate Business Network

My view:
Well, what do you think I think? ;-)

Do you agree with me? Make sure your Twitter bio ticks all the boxes.

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