by helen on January 7, 2011

January is traditionally the month when the media encourage us all to set goals – and large numbers of businesses up their marketing activities to support our attempts (and make more money!)

Whether we make our promises publicly or privately, it’s hard not to see the beginning of a calendar year as the starting point of something new. But it’s not the only time we all start thinking about what we have – or have not – achieved in the past 12 months. Birthdays, wedding anniversaries, financial year end, moving house, splitting from a partner, new job – there are many times we all say to ourselves “must try harder”, or “be nicer” or “be more like X”.

My new Twitter friends have inspired me to relegate wishy-washy resolutions to the last decade, and start 2011 with some carefully considered, achievable and focused business and personal goals.

@Creating_Chaos is a motivational fitness coach whose helpful nudges have helped me look beyond WiFit in my living room for a solution to my mid-life health crisis. I am signing up for his OutFit sessions in Roundhay Park in Leeds. A lifetime first for me!

@ginidietrich is a US communicator, ceo of Arment Dietrich, author of and my new “best read”. Gini recommends doing something outside your comfort zone – and her resolution is to do something “for fun”. IMO that speaks volumes about her personality, her drive and her commitment to her business, clients and employees. 

@_rosiegray_  is a Time Management & Productivity Trainer who’s article New Year’s Day – or Groundhog Day Again? really got me thinking and spurred me into action to blog about my goals. You can sign up for Rosie’s newsletter at

As a communications professional, objectives are the first thing I set at the beginning of a campaign for a client – so that we all know how successful their investment in me has been when it’s time to review the relationship. It therefore makes sense, as I am now thinking of myself as a business, to set some campaign objectives for Helen Kitchen PR (as well as a couple of personal ones!).

By sharing them here (not sure if anyone is reading this, but at least in theory they are shared), I am hoping a public declaration of intent will spur me on – as well as enable me to track my progress and report on my success at the end of this year.

Goal #1

To enjoy regular physical activity that helps me to get fit, lose weight and enables me to permanently change my eating, drinking and activity habits.

Goal #2

To do more socialising & have more fun! – go out more with friends and family, meet new people, and take advantage of the entertainment on offer in and around Leeds.

Goal #3

To develop my business network, evolve my services and secure contracts from at least 10 new clients.

Goal #4

To manage my time more effectively – and establish a good work-life balance which enables me to give 100% to my family, friends and clients without sacrificing my own priorities and feeling as though I could have done better. I think this means learning to say NO more often!

I think those are pretty achievable, measurable and if successful, I should be able to look back on 2011 as my year of change. Here’s to taking control and acknowledging that no-one but me is responsible for my happiness.

If you have any words of encouragement or advice, I’d love to hear them. I think it could be a tough 12 months!! Watch this space for progress.

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