by helen on December 13, 2010

Last night as I lay trying to go to sleep, knowing there was something I should have remembered to do, I had a “lightbulb” moment (just watched Despicable Me with the kids, and think Gru’s catchphrase is inspirational!).

Google has a search for everything it seems these days. Images, videos, news, shopping, books, places, blogs, discussions, realtime – and you can even set up alerts so that an email pops into your inbox to let you know about something you’re interested in. So how long will it be before someone invents a search tool which allows scatterbrained individuals (like me!) to find the information that they can’t locate in their own brain?

Imagine. You could easily recall every recipe you have ever used – now etched in your memory thanks to glowing reviews from family and friends enjoying your efforts – but that you can’t repeat because you can’t remember which of your many magazines/cookery books it’s in.

And even better, all those places you’ve been to, things you have seen, people you knew – all those memories that sometimes pop into your head at the most unlikely moment – could be organised and recalled at times to suit you.

Now it may just be me that thinks this is a good idea. But as I get older, I’m finding it harder to process all the data that goes in – and currently there’s a lot of it! It may be that I need to change the way I manage the information. Although, to be honest I think I should probably admit that rather than change, I need to start to manage the process!

Funny thing is, I have always written a to-do list for work and found that a superb way of ensuring nothing gets missed. Perhaps a to-do list 2.0 is what I need now?

How do you manage your brain? Anyone have a “lightbulb” idea that might help me remember what I’m supposed to be doing? And if you could Google your brain, what keyword do you think would be most useful?

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