by helen on November 11, 2010

Social media is real. It’s happening now and no matter how much you want to, you can’t ignore it. After all, as a business can you afford to ignore an audience of millions? 

I can’t. Which is why I am getting social media savvy and I hope that my reason for doing this helps you to see why all businesses – especially small ones like mine – need to join the online community and start engaging with the people who are there.

Earlier this week, the Queen launched her Facebook Fan page – and attracted headlines around the world. The Telegraph & Argus in Bradford ran a story on Wednesday 10 November about companies doing well over the virtual counter http://ow.ly/383gJ. November’s Yorkshire Business Insider includes an article about the risks and opportunities about getting involved http://ow.ly/383hF.

The writing is on the wall – at least it is at Facebook.

My reason for getting social media savvy is simple. I am in the communications business. I help organisations – businesses and charities – improve their reputation and make them more interesting and relevant to their customers, employees and investors. I cannot afford to ignore social media as it offers my clients a fantastic opportunity to engage with customers and enhance their reputation – if I don’t offer social media marketing as a service, my clients will go elsewhere.

The bonus is that getting involved has reignited my passion for what I do. It has reminded me of the importance of strategic thinking, planning and keeping the customer as the focus for marketing activities. I am really enjoying listening to what people are saying, engaging with marketing types all over the world, and learning about how to make this new community work for me and for my clients.

I think it’s fair to say that with so many people using social media, the chances are that some of them could be mine or your potential customers. We all need customers for our businesses to be successful. How good we are at finding them, and how well we develop relationships with them, will determine how successful our businesses are in the future.

So now I hope you understand why you should get social media savvy – and if you’d like me to help get you started, please get in touch and let me know.

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